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After 15 years doing environmental consulting work for the oil and gas industry, Mike's illustrious corporate career came to an end by way of a severance during a corporate merger…..but a new beginning. Mike now devotes his life to riding this paradigm shift, living more simply, embracing permaculture concepts and generally putting himself in nature as much as possible.

Oyster Mushroom Workshop!

We just scheduled our first oyster mushroom workshop for 2018.    Gonna happen at Buckley’s Homestead Supply at 2pm on Saturday, March 24th.   A meager $50 gets you schooled up on kingdom fungi and included in a hands on mushroom kit making session.    We will pasteurize straw and inoculate it with oyster mushroom grain spawn which you will take home to fruit mushrooms.    Call them now to reserve your spot, (719) 358-8510 , limited to 8 participants.IMG_4173