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Dried Porcini – $20 /oz.    (Fresh in season (Aug-Sept) $40/lb)

Beyond organic boletus rubiceps (aka boletus edulis), collected from the wild woods in the Pikes Peak Region, with no involvement from the hand of man other than the harvesting.     The purest communion one can have with the earth.    Nutty, meaty and rich, the King bolete is Colorado’s most sought after edible mushroom, an excellent compliment to red meat and or potatoes.

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Dried Chanterelle – $20/oz.  (Fresh in Season (Aug-Sept) $40/lb.)

Beyond organic wild harvested chanterelles.    If porcini’s are the king, these beauties are the true queens, fruity aroma and excellent texture and flavor.     A true delight  only available a few months each year.






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Fostering Fungi of the Pikes Peak Region