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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the mushroom class on Saturday. Jean and I enjoyed the class and we’ve got the kit you gave us sitting on the dinning room table. We took a box big enough for the “log” to sit in. cut some air vents at the bottom (to let the CO2 escape) and covered the top with some plastic sheeting. It gets indirect light from a window and we’ve been misting when ever we walk by. I send some pics as soon as it starts fruiting.
    Thanks Again

  2. Hi Mike,
    Well Sierra and I are at home for a while and so decided to start
    to clean off the roof of the potato cellar. Well Sierra’s leg fell through. Anyway, contacting my Amish friends to help put a new roof on it.
    Our mushrooms bags are almost all white with mycelium. When did you say when we could put them in the light? Our notes say 3 to 4 weeks, but I would like to divide them as well.
    Also, do I need to put them in an area other than my mud room? How do I keep other spors or yeast that are in the air from contaminating them?
    Sorry it has taken so long to get to you. We had a great time learning (hands on) and not just reading a book. Sierra is still looking for a job in the springs, going back and forth, so she is going to your next class just to get more experience.
    Oh yes, my potato cellar is 40′ X 50′ X 14′ w/ 8′ side walls, 3′ thick adobe double walls w/stucco exterior. Log support beams and posts. I’ll send pictures when I can. Can I use regular paint on the inside to keep it sanitary, or do I do the whole dry wall thing with roofing paint etc.? Any suggestions?
    Thanks to everyone in the class for asking questions and helping with our education. Bless you all. Thanks again.

    Your friends, Sierra and Yolanda

  3. Mike, We’ve gotten 3 fruitings off the “log” you gave us and 2 off the milk cartons. I’d like to try breaking them up and inoculating some new kits. I found a cool looking technique from Milkwood farms in Australia for “Growing Oysters in a Bucket” I’d like to try but I can’t remember the temp/time you said for pasteurizing the straw. 140F for 10 min? or was it 160F?

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