Oyster Kit Instructions


Gather these items:    Mushroom kit (3-4 weeks past created date), kitchen plate, plastic bag, and a mister filled with non-chlorinated water.   If you see baby mushrooms forming under the plastic already, cut a hole for them to fruit through.       Otherwise, cut 2-3 holes in the kit where you would like mushrooms to fruit from.


Place the kit on plate, the plastic bag over the kit, and mist inside it 3-5 times daily.    Place the kit where it can receive natural light, but not direct sunlight.    Blue Oyster Mushrooms thrive best at around 55-65 degrees and 85-95% humidity (this is the environment you are trying to create inside the plastic bag placed over the kit).


In a few days, you should see baby mushrooms, or primordia forming in the small holes you cut.  Keep misting the kit every day under the plastic bag.   If you see primordia forming under the plastic, cut a hole for them to fruit through.


These will turn into bigger fruit bodies over the next few days…


Harvest the mushrooms when they appear to stop growing.    Sometimes there can be lots of small mushrooms, other times, just 1 or 2 really big mushrooms.      To pick, grab the cluster and gently twist.     Place the kit back under the plastic bag and mist daily.    Very often another crop of mushrooms is produced.


After your kit produces a  crop or two, break it up, bury it in coffee grounds and wait for more mushrooms.

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